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We are a boutique staffing agency and consultancy firm focusing on design-minded organisations and professionals. Are you for example looking for an industry experienced user-experience designer, design researcher, information architect, or data-visualizer you may have visited the right address. Also we have highly experienced UX leads and Innovation specialists in our freelance and partner network.

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It’s about people

Business is about people working together, creating and exchanging value. The quality of your business, depends on the quality of your people and the quality of their collaboration. Hence we focus on professionals as people, their needs and ambitions. Whether you are a client or a talented professional.

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It’s about sensitivity

People are complex, relationships are delicate, teams are intricate. Getting the right people together requires sensitivity. We handle with care!

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It’s about trust

We never forget that our clients are running a business with hard targets of time and money, efficiency and accuracy; our talents are individuals, with unique skills, ambitions and a career to nurture. And that security of income for both is most important.

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Image: Talents-4U CONNECT – Amsterdam, by Jeroen Frumau

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