About us

Jeroen Frumau

founder & remote-first co-entrepreneur

Early 2013, after almost two decades in the design industry – with Ingrid – Jeroen co-founded Talents-4U BV. a concept that aims at bring together talented design professionals and organizations in need for design.

Besides talent management services, Jeroen provides – alone or in collaboration with others – a wide range of international organizations advise and support in unlocking to potential of creativity.

In collaboration with other design-industry oriented entrepreneurs he is the co-founder of The Talent-Sprint (2019), and co-creates design maturity in Saudi Arabia (since 2022).

Jeroen is also one of the co-founders of 4Better2morrow, a not-for-profit initiative by Talents-4U BV, promoting design & creative thinking for future leaders, today’s youth. In August 2020, Teenagers4Change featured as its launch event. With ProjectONE00, he supports others in discovering and embracing their purpose.

Jeroen works from Eindhoven (Brainport) region The Netherlands, and focusses on business development, advisory, head-hunting, leadership consultancy and career coaching.

Our network

people for people

Our growing international network of design and industry professionals is our most valuable asset and we use it to reach out when needing access to unique people of new geographies or industries. We consider them all part of the Talents-4U platform.