Our approach

“A good mutual understanding is key to enable effective and global collaboration in creating long-term success.”

We like to know who you are

We invest substantial time create the right intimacy to support you, your team or organization; instead of you visiting us, we prefer to visit you in your context.

Your happiness is our success

We only introduce candidates, suggest career directions or advise solutions that we truly believe in create a win-win for all involved.

You work with us, we work together

We ensure the human-touch in creating the human-match: supported by technology you work with us founders or connected consultants. We are all design-industry experienced, speak the language and understand the creative mind.

The world is our canvas and we care for it

We see the world as our business canvas: design and creativity see not borders. To avoid unnecessary impact on our world we leverage digital and remote collaboration technologies as much as possible to maintain vital relationships.