Trend Researcher

Cecile is one of our passionate Trend Research professional. Not only does she demonstrate a high dosis of professional curiosity, she is convinced about the role of Trend Research for industry.

What drives you in
being a Trend Researcher?

Tomorrow. I believe we can only change the things we do today if we understand what the possible future holds. Unfolding tomorrow today, connecting the dots to oversee what is coming and to act on innovation instantly, is what drives me forward as a trend professional.

What is the added
value for organizations?

Trend Forecasting can help companies change their strategy to be ahead of the ever-changing needs of nowadays consumers and therewith be ahead of the future. It is the tool to put ourselves in front of the future and to come prepared, allowing us to make the most certain choices regarding uncertain futures.

Who or what inspires you?

All living creatures, because despite anything else I believe they should be the main reason why innovations arise. I therefore only like to develop, or contribute to, things that matter to others in a positive way.

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