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Visual designer / DTP-er
Graphic Imagery Production

(Job ID: 18.946_9001)

To support one of our clients in the last stages of their go-to-market preparation, we are looking for one or more freelance visual designers capable designing (and producing) and a series of theme-based visuals. Artistic new visuals, or imagery that offer their customers (and end-users) a finishing style for a digital printing product in development.


For obvious reasons, we have agreed not to disclose the client’s name at this moment. What we can say its represents a start-up business in the Den Bosch-Tilburg region, developing a digital service related to home-decoration products.

As you are NOT expected to work on the clients site, it is not essential to work in or from the region, although you may be expected to meet our client to receive your briefing and familiarise yourself with their product (in development)


> Experienced visual designer
> Technical DTP skills
> Artistic twist, creative stylist
> Remote working capabilities

To support your introduction to our client, it is necessary that you are able to share some portfolio work (ideally free creative work that demonstrates your artistic visual or graphic design style)

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