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For a well known dutch banking brand, we are establishing a freelance pool of fintech-passionate business and design professionals. People potentially to be invited to team up with in-house and external specialists to groom a idea, value proposition toward from infancy to a product or service with minimum market viability.

We are looking for candidates potentially to take on one of the following roles for a period of 6-12 months:
(0) product owner & business lead
(0) customer & ux lead
(0) experiment lead & marketeer
(0) technology lead & prototyper
(0) design and start-up specialists


Our client is digital innovation & start-up lab of one of the main dutch financial brands, headquartered in Amsterdam. Once preselected and in case of actual demand, you may be invited to take one of indicated roles. Different industry experiences, provide opportunities for many.  This means we are searching for people with different backgrounds, not just business & design professionals.


Ideal candidates demonstrate a cocktail of the personal qualities incl.
> be positive & energetic
> curious & open-minded
> entrepreneurial & love experimenting

Mixed with a blend skills and experiences incl.
> business development through team-working
> customer centricity and creative facilitation
> experienced in business & design collaborations
> analytical & prototyping

Ideally flavoured in with one of the following experiences:
> Health & Wellbeing,
> Elderly services,
> (R)etail,
> Supply Chain & Logistics, or
> Circularity

We intend to organise a candidate (p)review event later this yeas, but please feel free to contact us and share your interest.

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