Cecile - It's all yours

From now on we give our website in the creative hands of our talent. Every 6 months we invite one of them to curate it by selecting those background images that inspire them thinking or come to mind working with us.

Early 2016 you will find Cecile’s selection. She has prepared 3 series, each of them to feature for a period of 2 months. Who is next?

Serie I - Forms

Everything has a specific form or shape and most of the time we see them but do not really observe them thoroughly. Maybe because we just assume that things just are what they are, if we would take a minute to really take things in, we could discover that life with all it colours and forms is a pure source of inspiration.

Serie II - International

Both Talents-4u as also myself are very internationally focused, so an international imagery selection couldn’t lack this opportunity. For me as a trend researcher there are no boundaries, trends do not stop at the border. I believe seeing and learning about people and cultures makes me a better researcher in the end, it helps me postponing any prejudices I might have and it enriches me as a human being. For this selection I chose the most beautiful pictures made during travelling the globe as not even the sky is the limit.

Serie III - Conceptual Abstract

Why always so literally, it is the mystery and imagination that makes an image exciting and extraordinary. In Conceptual abstract the viewer will be seduced to use their creativity to create a story with everything they see. Depending on the identity and creativity level from a client one can play with the abstractness of images endlessly, making it a playground of inspiration.

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