Talents on stage

On Sunday 21th of February – two talents from our network featured at TEDxStrijp – Eindhoven (The Netherlands).  We were proud to have them introduced and enjoyed seeing the audience appreciate their stage performance as well. Who’s next?

Cecile - Trend Researcher

We might still think the future is something that just happens to us, and therefore we are only aware of the present. We should lose that attitude of unawareness and start realizing the future is in our hands.

Marco - Futurist

In the future, connectivity will enable seamless and constant integration of urban features, in a revolution that already started since a few years. Whereas exciting times might lie ahead of us, it is crucial to bring back a true human focus, by anticipating future needs and desires of citizens by design. Architects and designers can do so by sketching and envisioning scenarios of people-driven technology.

Source: www.tedxstrijp.com     |      Photo by: Keiko Goto

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