Who we work with

Our network of industry collaborations keeps expanding varying from commercial engagements to value adding collaborations.

We proudly collaborate(d) with ...

Marketing Operations firm (NL & UK) – Household Appliances multinational (SWE) – Childcare organisation (NL) – Innovation & Engagement consultancy (AUS) – Innovation multinational (USA) – Home & Furniture multinational (SWE) –Design agency (USA & GER) – Health-tech multinational (NL) – Software & Computer Security multinational (NL) – Internet & Publishing firm (NL) – Business & Operations Consultancy (USA) – Design Research & Public Design agency (NL).

But also explored the potential of our creative talents with ...

Brand agency (NL) – Design agencies (NL, GER) – Design research team (NL) – Digital solutions agency (NL) – Engagement agency (NL) – Government (NL) – Marketing Consultancy team (NL) – Off shore service provider (NL) – Software developer (NL) – Technology prototyper (NL) – Care organization (NL) – Banking (NL) – Innovation (NL).

Are you next?

Please contact us, we are happy to engage in a personal conversation about your thoughts and desires.

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