Our services:
We talk business & design!

Our passion for, experience in, and knowledge about the design-industry provides you the opportunity to talk ‘business & design’ with us. Your business ambitions & priorities, day-to-day operation especially resonate with us where it involves highly talented creative consultants and professionals.

Consultancy - working together

We listen to, analyze and synergies your stories, challenges and needs and together we translate these into desirable solutions or facilitation. If needed we mobilize for our (international) network of highly talented and experienced creative consultants.

CURIOUS to see an example?

Candidate search - opening our network

We understand that you are running a business with hard targets of time & money, efficiency & accuracy and this involves delicacy in dealing with people working together.  We can open our growing network of unique and talented design professionals for you and (pre-)select & introduce candidates to strengthen your team or organization.

Flexibility - designing intimate solutions

Sometimes you desire more flexibility in working with design-professionals, but without them loosing passion & understanding about your organization. Together we develop the desired flexible solution in which we use our sensitivity in bringing the right talent for you together.

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